Classic Buschenschank - no frills



We love to sit comfortably at the table and eat and drink well. We pass this passion on to you in our “Buschenschank“. For over 25 years since 1993.



In our “Streckhof” (typical building design for old farm houses), in addition to the Pannonian cosiness, we serve the highest quality products, without much frills, but with even more taste.



Region in the heart - wild things



We are wholeheartedly convinced that there are no compromises when it comes to quality and regionality.



That is why we use high-quality, regional products for our dishes.



In addition to Buschenschank classics, Ulli Preschitz, as a certified herbalist, also creates seasonal wild herb dishes and vegan delicacies.



Celebrate in our buschenschank


No matter whether it's a birthday, a class reunion, a family celebration or just for that.


One must celebrate when one has the chance. and our restaurant is happy to help you. The menu can be put together individually as a buffet or on plates.



Inquiries at 0699/12434546 or directly in the Buschenschank.


Our Partners


Bäckerei Naglreiter, Neusiedl am See

Ziegenkäse Rittsteuer, Gols

Schafzucht Hautzinger, Tadten

Fleischerei Karlo, Pamhagen

Getränke Kazianschütz, Parndorf

Obstbau Leeb, St. Andrä

Bauernmarkt Neusiedl am See

Biohof Lunzer, Gols

Graf Gemüse, Halbturn

Hansag Food, Neusiedl am See

Karl´s Backgenuss

Opening hours


16:30 - 23:00




Traditional Buschenschank dishes or reduced-calorie, high-fiber foods.


The menu can be found here:



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