Lake Neusiedl


Our winery is located in Neusiedl am See, on the north shore of Lake Neusiedl. A beautiful piece of earth with great wines.


It is here where we have been producing unique wines with great care for generations.



From love to nature


Our soils, the landscape around the lake and the small climate in the region are the most valuable thing we have. These principles for our quality have to be preserved.


That is why we have been “certified sustainable” since 2020 and have already managed our vineyards with foresight with conviction.


We have also been producing our own electricity since 2002 with the first private photovoltaic system in Neusiedl am See.


Diversity in the vineyard

Nature knows no imperative. That is why we do not work to fixed rules, but let the environment set the pace.


Weeds have always been removed mechanically and never chemically.


The year-round permanent greening with natural wild herbs and plants creates living space for insects and promotes biodiversity in the vineyard. In the case of heavy rainfalls, the soil is not washed out and the green cover prevents the soil from overheating in summer.


This respect for nature gives our vines space for natural growth without any stress.


Deep rooted on the edge of lake neusiedl


Our vineyards are spread across the north shore of Lake Neusiedl and have what many of us want: plenty of time and peace to develop, as well as 365 days lake view per year.


The last slopes of the Leithaberg, characterized by very lime-rich subsoil, as well as quartz-rich and sand-embossed soils towards Seewinkel, are the basis for the diversity in our winery.


We also spend a lot of time on these soils to experience help shape each vintage.


It's like a journey that starts new every year. The story of this journey is only captured by our grapes, and then told by the glass.


Our handwriting in the glass


Burgenland´s coziness prevails in the cellar. This is one of the reasons why only very little is involved in the process of wine from the time of harvest.


The development of the wines is a fascinating process, which we prefer to observe from the outside every year rather than actively hooking up too much. We prefer to use gravity during processing than large pumps.


After fermentation, we usually just don't do anything. Our wines get a lot of rest and time on the yeast to develop and thereby get their own handwriting.


We differentiate our range of wines in KLASSIK and SEELEKTION.



The KLASSIK wines are characterized by precise fruit and freshness on the palate.


The white ones mature in steel tanks and the red ones in large oak barrels. The focus here is on typical varieties and good drinking pleasure.




Nothing influences our wines so much as the Lake Neusiedl. That´s why we dedicate our best wines to it.


Our SEELEKTION wines captivate with their complexity and elegance. Late harvest and high grape ripeness give the wines a lot of body and expression.


Only grapes from the best locations with a lake view can later be called a SEELEKTION. This is partly done in large or small wooden barrels.


Nice to drink young – but with maturity even better!