The wine region Neusiedlersee is the region at the northern and eastern shore of the lake Neusiedl.


With more than 8000 hectares, it is the second largest wine region in Austria. Our environment is typical for everything that is commonly connected with the Burgenland: the lake Neusiedl, the Pannonian plain, holiday mood, storks and of course the wonderful wine villages. The landscape is dominated mainly by water, reeds, vines and the Pannonian plain to Hungary.


In our region, the soils are very diverse. In our winery outweigh sandy loam, loess soils and earthy mixed soils with loamy or gravelly subsoils.


Our annual average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and over 2000 hours of sunshine at about 500mm rainfall provide ideal conditions for viniculture. Of course, the lake "Neusiedl" plays a major role for vegetation.


The growth of the vines is mainly influenced by its ability of heat storage and by the high water evaporation.

These ideal conditions allow us each year to produce wines of highest quality.

Although the Burgenland is the youngest state of Austria, however, the winegrowing has a long tradition - can be found here after all the earliest detectable traces of viniculture in Austria.


Its prime location already recognized the Celts, that about 3000 years ago planted wine here and produced alcoholic beverages.


The last two decades brought the high-quality wine industry for which our region is well known today.




This development was caused not least by the rethinking of many young winemakers - from quantity to quality.